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Points for attention in the design of a punch manipulator

Punching manipulator is widely used in the stamping industry. The continuous operation function of the manipulator solves a big shortage of manpower in production, and can also better control the production efficiency and quality of products. What are the matters needing attention in the design of the punching manipulator in production?
1. The punching manipulator should have proper clamping force: when the hand is working, it should have appropriate clamping force to ensure stable and reliable clamping, small deformation and do not damage the machined surface of the bar. The clamping force of rod with poor rigidity should be designed to be adjustable, and the self-locking safety device should be considered for the machine.
2. The mechanical finger of punching machine has enough opening and closing range: when working, the opening and closing position of one finger is called opening and closing range with the maximum change. For the rotary arm, the range of finger opening and closing can be expressed by opening and closing angle and finger clamping end length. It is also related to the shape and size of the workpiece. If the environment permits, the scope of opening and closing is larger.
3. Punch manipulator structure strives to be simple, light weight, small size: the arm is in the front of the wrist, working state of movement is changeable, its structure, weight and volume directly affect the structure of the entire manipulator, grab, positioning accuracy, speed and other performance. Therefore, the above characteristics are required in design.
4, the fingers of punch manipulator should have certain strength and stiffness.
5. Punch manipulator should also pay attention to: for clamping punch manipulator, according to the shape of the workpiece for the round bar, so the most commonly used is external card two-fingered claws, clamping method with closed spring clamping. When loosening, use a single acting hydraulic cylinder. The structure is relatively simple and easy to manufacture.

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