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The good development of enterprise needs a reasonable organization chart as support, Hehui under the board of directors and general manager as the leading core of the overall organization, each performs its own functions, to provide customers with automation equipment, precision hardware development, and manufacturing, the company has automation equipment division, precision components division, enterprise strategy center, human resources development center, covering the quality assurance system, production operation planning, capital management, after-sales service and market research and development, brand planning and promotion center management team. In addition, we have advanced production equipment and testing equipment, strict quality control system, to coordinate and adjust each division to cooperate in the production process to produce scientific and reasonable functional distribution. Hehui machinery leading by a strong wisdom team and professional technical personnel, and inspected by a set of a strict quality management system. In line with the technical force and professional manufacturing testing equipment, ensure us that whenever and wherever to provide full service to our customers. Make sure the high precision, high life, high efficiency and high quality of our products to meet customer requirements, to achieve the smooth mass production of customer's products. In addition, the high-end equipment technical support, professional and rigorous attitude of the staff lay a good foundation for the rapid development of Hehui in the future manufacturing industry.

Business Scope

 Industrial Automation Equipment R&D, Design, Manufacturing, Sale, After-sale Service; 
Customize Non-standard Automation Equipment; 
Design and manufacturing assembly, testing equipment for mobile phone.;
Overall planning and construction of intelligent unmanned workshop; 

Precision parts production and processing。

Main Products

1、Automation Equipment Series

Non-standard Customized Automation。 

Customize all kinds of Non-standard automation equipment.

2、Precision Machining Series

Mainly providing single or massive machining service for all kinds of general equipment and non-standard automation equipment parts, jig, mold parts.。

After-sales Service

24/7 All-weather Technical support, 2-4-6 Response speed

Service point in the same city, arrive at the scene within 2 hours

Service point in the same province, arrive at the scene within 4 hours
服务点跨省外6小时内到达现场Service point across the province, arrive at the scene within 6 hours

Our Commitment:

1、Install and debug of sold equipment for free。

2、Training technical personnel for free.
3、During warranty period, except for the man-made damage and force majeure factors, the quality problems of the equipment itself, maintenance and materials are free.
4、We provide long-term technical support. If door-to-door service is needed after the warranty period, only the material cost will be charged (In China).
5、We have enough stock of vulnerable parts and standard parts. If customers need to order spare parts, we can provide them in time.

To strive for the development of automation equipment and precision machinery as the goal, actively promote the cause of diversification and globalization.

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