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Hehui Stamping Manipulator Replaces Manual to Industrial Production
Machinery manufacturing industry as a traditional field has been developed for many years, has accumulated a lot of theoretical and practical experience, but with the development of today's society, people's living standards continue to improve, all aspects of personalized demand is becoming more and more intense. The mechanical manufacturing industry, which has penetrated into all walks of life and has become a basic industry, is facing severe challenges.
The traditional stamping process is manually completed at the beginning, which has the disadvantages of low production, high defective products and insecurity. With the continuous development of China's automotive industry, the demand for automation in stamping industry is increasing. Since stamping automation came into the market, it has replaced the former stamping factory has been relying on people. In the era of industrial stamping, enterprises have begun to apply automatic stamping manipulator equipment to improve production, product quality, safety, automatic operation, not only to save labor costs for enterprises, but also easy to manage.
Stamping manipulator is a kind of automatic device with the function of grasping and moving the workpiece in the automatic production process. It is a new device to improve the operation safety developed in the mechanized and automatic production process. Boris stamping manipulator can be customized according to your production scene and process to ensure that the stamping automatic loading and unloading manipulator, robot and other intelligent equipment to meet the needs of enterprises, Boris let the hardware stamping intelligent automatic production line in the performance of its dominant function at the same time reflects its greater and more hidden value, so that enterprises While reducing manpower and reducing costs, the ability to obtain orders is improved.
The characteristics of the combined stamping manipulator are:
1. The stamping manipulator has simple structure and few components. Therefore, the parts have low failure rate, reliable performance, simple maintenance and less spare parts.
2. Less floor space. It is beneficial to the layout of the production line in the customer's workshop and the larger warehouse area can be left. The robot can be set up in a narrow space and can be used effectively.
3. Applicability. When the size, volume, shape of the customer's products and the shape and size of the pallet change, only a little modification can be made on the touch screen, will not affect the normal production of customers.
4, low energy consumption, greatly reducing the operating costs of customers.
5. All control can be operated on the screen of the control cabinet, and the operation is very simple.
6, we only need to locate the starting points and placing points, so the teaching method is simple and easy to understand.
Dongguan Hehui Precision Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which integrates R&D, design, manufacture and sales of industrial robots. It is also a manufacturer of domestic special automatic stamping and drawing equipment and precision parts processing and development. Located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, the company is situated in the Pearl River Delta Gold Corridor resources and technology supporting advantages, with a strong R & D team, supporting production equipment and perfect quality management service system, can provide you with a complete stamping manipulator alternative to manual solutions.
To strive for the development of automation equipment and precision machinery as the goal, actively promote the cause of diversification and globalization.

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