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Advantages and applications of two dimensional manipulator
The secondary manipulator produced by Hehui Machinery has a wide range of applications, mainly including: metal stamping / stretching, rice cooker / hot pot / soybean milk machine / dish / notebook case / mobile phone shell / automobile stamping parts and other production environment.
The two dimensional manipulator of Ho Fai Machinery has the following notable features:
1. Imported servo motor, high-precision reducer, high-rigidity precision linear sliding rail and ball screw are used as the core accessories to achieve precise positioning, stable operation, wear resistance and optimal life.
2. Dedicated PLC and human-machine interface, convenient operation and simple maintenance.
3. Special functions of mistake detection loop, synchronous punch action and punch running state detection ensure the safety of the whole line.
4. Various feeding methods for sheet and coil materials, vacuum sucker, special clamp and electromagnet, etc. have strong practicability.
The advantages of the two dimensional manipulator are the following:
1, high efficiency;
2, low investment cost and quick return.
3, the most practical equipment for intelligent automation.
The industrial automation equipment of Hehui Machinery is widely used in many manufacturing industries such as automobile, food, household appliances, furniture, hardware and electronics, such as loading and unloading, deburring, grinding, welding, cutting, spraying, assembling, picking up, handling and so on. It can not only solve the problem of high labor cost and difficult to recruit workers. The problem can also effectively solve the safety and quality problems in the production process, and greatly improve the production efficiency.
To strive for the development of automation equipment and precision machinery as the goal, actively promote the cause of diversification and globalization.

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