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How to choose the transmission mode of two dimensional manipulator
Generally, the output torque of the motor drive system of the secondary manipulator is small, so the transmission mechanism is needed to increase the torque and improve the load capacity. Therefore, for the two dimensional manipulator transmission mechanism, there are generally four requirements:
One, compact structure, that is, with the same transmission power and transmission ratio, the smallest volume and the lightest weight.
Second, the transmission stiffness is large, that is, the angle deformation from the output shaft of the driver to the rotating shaft of the connecting rod joint is small at the same torque, which can improve the natural frequency of the whole machine and greatly reduce the low-frequency vibration of the whole machine.
Third, the return difference is small, that is, the space-time travel from forward to reverse is small, so that a higher position control accuracy can be obtained.
Four, long life and low price.
All the motors we choose are designed with the integration of motor and harmonic gear reducer. The structure is compact and has a strong load capacity. In order to reduce the impact and vibration of the quadratic manipulator during its operation and not reduce the control accuracy, the synchronous belt drive is adopted.
Synchronous belt is used to transmit the motion between parallel axes or to convert rotary motion into linear motion. It is mainly used for the transmission of waist joint, shoulder joint, elbow joint and wrist joint of secondary manipulator. The gripper is driven by a single acting piston cylinder and automatically restored by springs.
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