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Application of injection molding manipulator in modern injection molding industry
Modern injection molding machines are equipped with products to quickly remove the manipulator. In use, the coordination between the manipulator and the host is very important. When the manipulator leaves the mold, the manipulator and the injection molding machine can continue to move independently to reduce time consumption. Usually the manipulator will move to another position after the extraction and reset, taking 5-7 seconds, shorter than the injection molding machine, clamping, injection, pre-molding, cooling time. When using the manipulator, it should be able to meet the requirements of the shortest plastic forming period. In use, it should also be considered whether the inertial vibration generated by the manipulator movement can be absorbed by the clamping mechanism of the injection molding machine. When the injection cycle is long, speed should be reduced.
At present, there are two types of manipulators in general: one is driven by AC servo motor, the application of CNC mechanical transmission manipulator; the other is the use of pneumatic manipulator. The former can stay in different positions when crossing, discharging the products into the box; the latter can stop at the designated position, or conveying on the conveyor belt. Generally speaking, pneumatic manipulator has a high lateral speed. The servo motor drives the NC manipulator with higher accuracy and higher price.
Injection molding manipulator can greatly improve productivity and reduce production costs, can stabilize and improve the quality of injection molding products, avoid the loss caused by human error. Therefore, the role of injection molding manipulator in injection molding is becoming more and more important. At present, the types of manipulator in China are relatively simple and are mostly used for picking up parts. With the development of injection molding industry, more and more manipulators will be used in feeding, mixing, automatic loading and unloading molds, waste recycling and other processes, and will develop towards intelligent direction. Plastics occupy a very important position in our industry, people's livelihood and other materials, many materials have been replaced by plastic; plastic molding includes: injection molding, suction molding, blow molding, ejection molding, die casting molding, etc., injection molding is the most widely used. It is very popular in automobile, communication, electronics, electrical, home appliances, medical, cosmetics, daily necessities, office supplies and other industries. In the traditional injection molding process, from the earliest manual molding, to injection molding machine oil molding, in the evolution of today's computer-controlled molding process, the progress is not only reflected in the product quality, appearance, and molding efficiency. Injection molding competition is becoming increasingly white-hot, molding quality and efficiency related to the survival of enterprises; molding quality is related to the performance of the injection molding machine itself, mold technology and the surrounding environment, molding efficiency and mold precision, molding process, production quantity; with the increasingly tight supply of injection molding machine operators, the increase in labor production costs, The manipulator of the injection molding machine is also used more and more widely. The application of plastic forming automation is very common.
To strive for the development of automation equipment and precision machinery as the goal, actively promote the cause of diversification and globalization.

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