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Main processing aspects of CNC CNC milling
In NC milling, when each cutter tooth is not uniform, discontinuous cutting, cutting and cutting off, there will be hard air conflict and vibration; when milling, cutting layer parameters and cutting force are changed, but also easy to cause vibration, affecting the quality of machining; at the same time, the number of cutter teeth involved in cutting, higher productivity. CNC NC milling machine is developed on the basis of the general milling machine. But the CNC milling machine is an automatic machine tool controlled by program, so its structure is also very different from the ordinary milling machine. CNC milling machine and machining center are the same reason, is mainly used to bore holes with larger diameter and deeper.
CNC milling machines are generally used for milling relatively simple surfaces or for milling shallow holes. The structure of NC milling machine body is larger than that of horizontal type, and the structure of NC milling machine bed is generally small in vertical type. NC milling machine tool library can automatically change the tool, the number of milling machine tool library is not, in the process of processing are manual tool change. At present, the NC milling machine and machining center can be used in general, but the boring machine for machining parts is less restricted. As for programming, the boring machine usually uses every turn feed, while the machining center usually uses every minute feed. Because the centripetal force of the boring and milling machine is better, the slider can extend very long, generally used for machining holes with high precision. For large volume box parts, the slider of CNC milling machine is more stable, the machining surface precision is higher, and a good machining center can be basically realized. CNC NC milling is the use of milling cutters for cutting machine tools: machining surface (horizontal plane, vertical plane, etc.), groove (keyway, T-groove, dovetail groove, etc.). Multi-tooth parts of the groove (gear, sprocket, ratchet, spline shaft, etc.), thread surface (thread and spiral groove) and a variety of curved surfaces.

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